yoghurt pots foil and plastic trays can go in berkshire

What goes in my recycling and waste bins and bags ...

Plastic bottles; Plastic food trays; Margarine/butter tubs; Yoghurt pots; Food and drinks cartons (eg Tetrapak) Please note that black plastic food trays cannot be put in your recycling bin because they are made from a mix of low grade plastic and contain black pigment. They currently can't be recycled. No thanks. Plastic plant pots or seed trays

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What goes in my bins? - Rochdale Borough Council

No. You should put plastic bags in your dark green bin or you may be able to recycle them at your local supermarket. Can I recycle plastic food trays, packaging and yoghurt pots? No. You should put plastic food trays, packaging and yoghurt pots in your dark green bin. Can I recycle plastic toys and plastic and leaf waste-yard waste ... No batteries should ever go .

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What you can put in your bins - Stockport Council

plastic milk containers; aluminium foil and foil trays; Things that cannot go in: lids from bottles and jars - remove them and put them in your black bin as they cannot be recycled; yoghurt pots, butter tubs and plastic bags, put them in your black bin as they cannot be recycled; Visit Recycle for Greater Manchester to find out which plastics ...

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Your recycling bin | Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

You can recycle almost all of your everyday food and drink packaging including: Glass bottles and jars Metal food tins, drinks cans, aerosols and foil Paper Card Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays Tetrapak food and drink cartons However, please do not put any of these materials in your blue recycling bin:

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What should you REALLY be putting in each bin? | Barnsley ...

Yoghurt pots, plastic trays containing mushrooms, grapes and even meat and fish all look vaguely like the same stuff the bottles are made of, so can't they go in too? Definitely not. Plastic that isn't a bottle must not go in the brown bin, with yoghurt pots being one .

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What goes in each bin - Luton Borough Council

The cardboard can go in your green bin. As most yoghurt pots are type 5 plastic, they should go in your black bin. Polystyrene chips. Tip: considering reusing whenever possible, or passing on to someone who can. Which bin: black bin; Pop bottles. Which bin: if plastic can be washed, squashed and placed in green bin. If glass, can be placed in ...

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What goes in the blue bin & prohibited items

Put loose metal end inside cardboard can and pinch closed. Discard plastic pull-off strip and/or peel-off seal. Mixed rigid plastic: clamshell containers, clear fruit and vegetable containers, clear takeout containers and molded bakery-item trays, plastic egg cartons, disposable plastic plates and cups, clear compact disk cases (empty).

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A-Z of recycling: what goes in which bin

Microwave meal trays Nappies Newspapers Ornaments Paper Pet litter 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 33 3 33 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 ... Pizza boxes (clean/not greasy) Plant pots Plaster board Plastic bottle tops Plastic bottles (incl milk) Plastic film/packaging Plastic food trays Polystyrene Shampoo bottles ... (not foil) Yoghurt pots Zipper food bags 3 3 3 3 ...

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Material Further Information - Barnet Council

Plastics packaging This includes plastic bottles, disposable plastic cups, food trays, and plastic bottles fruit punnets, pots and margarine tubs. No plastic wrapping, cling film or polystyrene - these go in the black bin. Plastic bags Many supermarkets have bag recycling points. These cannot be placed in your blue recycling bin.

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What goes into the bin?

Cartgylchu - Middle box - Plastic and Cans. food and drink cans; foil; aerosols ; plastic bottles ; plastic pots, tubs and trays - yoghurt or butter pots, plastic containers for fruit and vegetables and meat trays; food and drink cartons - fruit juice or soup cartons ; We do not accept plastic bags or plastic wrapping. Cartgylchu - Lower box ...

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